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Personalized Physiotherapy for Optimal Health and Well-Being

Physiotherapy is a primary healthcare service that focuses on helping you recover from an injury or illnesses and optimize your function and participation.
One of the foundations of the physiotherapy profession is offering patient centred care. That means care that considers all aspects of a patient’s life. Things like your work, your hobbies, your responsibilities, your goals, the things that nourish you and even the things that stress you.  


Personalized Physiotherapy Rooted in Expertise and Evidence-Based Practices

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At Nourish we believe exceptional care happens when both the therapist and client are working together on these shared meaningful goals.  This is achieved by scheduling ample time and by offering one-on-one assessment and treatment.  Our physiotherapist’s approach is grounded in extensive post-graduate training, clinical experience and evidence-based practices.

Collaborative, Holistic Care

Our physiotherapist uses both a biopsychosocial and integrative model of care. This includes a detailed biomechanical exam, advanced training in manual therapy, thoughtful prescriptive exercise, and complementary tools such as acupuncture, yoga, pain science education and mindfulness practices.


A Supportive Team Approach


Through supportive listening we aim to connect with each client around what is meaningful to them and eagerly work with other health care providers such as family physicians and allied health practitioners to create a team approach to care. 

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